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Pawn vs Buy

There are two ways that customers can get quick cash at a pawn shop.

By pawning, known as "pledging" an item, the customer is contracting a short-term collateral loan. The loan is secured using personal property (anything of value) which is safely and securely held by the pawn shop and later redeemed by repayment of the original loan amount with fees and interest.

A "Buy" is simply a purchase of the customer's items. The pawnshop receives the property, and the customer gets immediate payment with no strings attached.

What to expect

When you approach the pawn counter, the associate will ask "How can we help you today?" They will ask if you are looking to sell your items, or if you want a loan. The associate will ask how much you were looking to get. The broker will carefully evaluate the item, looking at details such as condition, materials, and other factors. After final negotiation on loan or purchase price, they will write-up the transaction, take details of the items(s) and your identification for the record. Finally, they will receive your items, have you sign the contract, and immediately get you your cash. No waiting, just quick money.

If you have done a pawn transaction (short-term collateral loan), when you come back to redeem your items, the clerk will ask for your pawn receipt and identification. Upon verifying the requested redeem, the clerk will ask for the repayment amount, then process the redemption paper work. After a short wait the clerk will present you with your merchandise, and the transaction will be concluded. No fuss, no muss.

So what will you get if you pawn, or sell, your items to a pawn shop?

It's important to remember that the pawn shop is in business to make a profit. There's employees to pay, bills to pay, and other costs associated with maintaining a well run pawn business. With this in mind, it means that customers should expect to get less than the potential value, whether retail or resale, for their merchandise. Some items are easier to deal with, like gold jewelry and other valuables, which may get you a better payout. Some items are significantly more difficult, like collectibles and consumer electronics, which may be harder to get "full-book" valuations out of. Generally if it's in high demand, the broker will be able to get you more. If it's an item that is a "slow mover", don't expect top-dollar.

Some customers come into a pawn shop with extremely unrealistic expectations. Generally they either over value their items, or they expect the pawnbroker to attempt to "get over" on them. Both of these are unrealistic situations that are unfortunate popular misunderstandings. The fact is that many pawn shops try their best to evaluate merchandise fairly. While there are a few "bad actors" out there, most pawn shops understand that cheating people is not good business. Pawn shops, like any other business, want their customers to walk away feeling that they were treated fairly and given a good deal.


Store Policies

NoJo Traders is a friendly, safe, and welcoming business. As such, we promote and value the following behavior, both in our employees and our customers:

  • Friendly and courteous speech
  • Clean and appropriate dress
  • Respectable and kind behavior

To uphold these things, it is the store's policy to ask all customers and employees to refriain from the following:

  • Vulgar or profane language
  • Insults and intentionally hateful speech
  • Littering and destruction of property
  • Lying and deception
  • Dressing in inappropriate attire
  • Stealing
Failure to comply with these policies may invoke being asked to leave, banning from the premises, legal action, or other lawful remedies.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are strictly held by NoJo Trading Company LLC, d.b.a. NoJo Traders.

  • By presenting items for pledge or purchase, the customer is affirming their legal ownership of the property, and additionally that there are no encumbrances on the transfer of ownership.
  • All Pawn and Buy transactions are subject to the laws and regulations as imposed by the State of North Carolina, and the City of Hendersonville located in Henderson County, NC.
  • Every item received by the pawn shop is catalogued and reported to law enforcement, in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • All pawn items, that are not redeemed, are held for 90 days from the initial date of transaction.
  • All purchased items are held for a minimum of 7 days from the initial date of transaction.
  • Forfeited items become the property of NoJo traders to be legally disposed of by any and all means available.
  • All customers wishing to sell or pledge items must present an current, valid, state-issued identification for recording, at the time of transaction.
  • Pawns and Buys are legal binding contracts between NoJo Trading Company LLC, and the customer.
  • North Carolina is a "right to redeem" state. This means that whoever presents the original receipt for the transaction has the legal right to redeem pledged items. We attempt to match the original customer to the original transaction. However, if any individual possesses the pawn claim ticket, we are required to release the merchandise to the holder of said ticket upon repayment and redemption.


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